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The charming City of Franklin was founded in 1808 as Carlin’s Settlement.  Settled by English, Danish, Irish, German, French, and Acadian, the city became a melting pot of traditions and ways of life.  Franklin was a city of opportunity and its situation along the Bayou Teche permitted it to become a destination for sugar cane farming.  With the invention of the steam boat, the Bayou Teche became the highway for national trade.  By the 1830’s, many beautiful Greek revival style plantation homes lined the main streets.

The City of Franklin was the boyhood home of Jefferson Davis, the leader of the Confederate army.  The Battle of Irish Bend, a significant battle during the Civil War was fought near Franklin in April of 1863.  Franklin has also turned out its share of statesmen, including five governors of Louisiana, four United States senators, a Chief Justice and a Lieutenant Governor.

Today, The City of Franklin is a reminder of the past.  The National Register of Historic Places has recognized it for its 420 noteworthy structures.  The turn of the century style iron lamp posts that line the street with its canopy of live oaks, roots as deep as the culture, still tell the story of sugar cane, life, and people.

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